Cyberoptix TieLab

gift wrapping options


kraft tissue paper + butcher's twine

we wrap every order as a bundle, whether it's one item or several. If you'd like to order extra gift wrapping for each item in a multi-item order, you can do that! It's only $2 extra per item after the first.



black paperboard box

Each box purchase includes the inclusion of the tie in the box. Silk scarves will also fit in these boxes, but not pashminas - see below for the scarf boxes. These sturdy tie boxes are only $4.85 each!



glossy black scarf box

These will fit pashminas, scarves, ascots and sets. They're lighter weight than the paperboard, but as sturdy as regular garment boxes. We package your scarf in kraft paper within the box, and add an elegant cord bow. These are only $4.85 each!



blond wood box

These elegant boxes are blond varnished wood, silkscreened lid, with black velveteen interior - and they're Forest Steward Council certified sustainable! These fit one tie each. Each 1lb. wood box is only $10 and carries an extra shipping fee of only $5.80 per box!