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raving laser kitten.

Pew pew pew pew! OMG two colors. You'll want to go wherever there is a blacklight, or carry around a portable one because this cat tie is that awesome. Neon green laser eyes will glow under a blacklight. Life just got fun.

We love cats. And lasers. And raving. A lot. Perfect for the internet cat-obsessed coworker, brother, uncle, dad or any other awesome guy or gal in your life. Cats and lasers? GREEN OR RED GLOWING LASERS! How can you go wrong? You can't.

The tie is made of a soft microfiber, having almost the same hand as real silk and is printed with high-quality, non-toxic, waterbased ink. All new materials! Vegan safe. Heat-set for durability. Our glow red is black light reactive!

Sorry kids, this glow printing ink only works on light colored ties.

Also, please note: the red lasers are kind of fuchsia to our eyes.

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Black and glow red on light pink, white, pink.
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microfiber ties $39Standard width microfiber satinNarrow width microfiber satin

microfiber XL ties $39Standard width XL microfiber satin

100% silk $54Standard width 100% silkNarrow width 100% silk

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