Cyberoptix TieLab


The perfect neckwear for car guys, engineers, car designers, gearheads, motorheads, hot rodders, grease monkeys, racers, modders, custom culturalists, cruisers and those with the need for speed.

Cargyle Ford Mustang Sketch Necktie
(ford mustang sketch)
Crash shattered glass Necktie
(shattered glass)
bow tie
Engine Rosette necktie
engine rosette
Exhaust Pipes automotive Necktie
exhaust pipes
exhaust pipes
bow tie
Ford Chicanes Circuit de la Sarthe straight race track Necktie
ford chicanes
(race tracks)
Gear Shift Necktie
gear shift
Gear Shift Woven Stripe Microfiber Necktie
gear shift
woven microfiber
Intersection Knot quatrefoil autobahn inspired Necktie
intersection knot
Mulsanne Straight Circuit de la Sarthe motorsports race track map Necktie
mulsanne straight
(race track)
Packard Motor Cars 1911 logo Necktie
packard motors
(vintage logo)
Packard Motors pashmina scarf
packard motors
pashmina scarf
Packard Motors fair trade silk scarf
packard motors
silk scarf
Spark Plug vintage Ford Mustang inspired Necktie
spark plug
(ford mustang)
Studebaker Avanti blueprint Necktie
studebaker avanti
(auto blueprint)
Track Map international motorsports race track maps Necktie
track map
(race tracks)
track map
bow tie
Tread Lightly automotive tire track Necktie
tread lightly
(tire track)
Woodward Ave Detroit vintage bus scroll print Necktie
woodward ave
(detroit bus scroll)