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Peregrine falcon. Falconry is the hunting of wild game and insects by means of a trained bird of prey. A falconer flies a falcon; an austringer flies a hawk or an eagle. Having personally had the privilege to experience a falconry appreciation class, we're proud to finally introduce this design! Original illustration.

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Black ink on mustard, pale copper, cinnamon microfiber.
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microfiber ties $30Standard width microfiber satinNarrow width microfiber satinSkinny width microfiber satin

microfiber XL ties $30Standard width XL microfiber satin

100% silk $45Standard width 100% silkNarrow width 100% silk

Blond Wood Gift Boxes

add wood gift box $10Wood Gift Box

Black Paperboard Gift Boxes

$4.85 - add black gift boxBlack Paperboard Box